My First Post!

Wow! My first Blog post as a Millennial! Sounds a little crazy, right? The year is 2019 and I am now a parent with not only the responsibility of one child but two! I sometimes wonder if I can even care for myself let alone two children! So what shall I talk about on my first post?! Do I talk about my feelings, or my life in general or what I’m up to? I think I shall talk a little bit about how I feel as a whole. I will start off with how I am feeling now and how I got to this point. So, I feel lonely, I feel as if I am fighting the world alone with no one to talk to and just by sitting here typing this I feel like a weight has been lifted a little because I don’t have to bottle things up anymore, I can just come here. This time exactly two years ago I was at rock bottom, an empty pit, just myself putting on a brave face for the world when inside I was so depressed I contemplated suicide. Around this time, I was working in a bakery when I was informed that a close friend from my circle of friends had just done that exact thing I was thinking of. This was not only a horrible time for me but also a moment of time when I knew I had to do something with how I feel and what I am doing. I have almost come out of the mindset of depression but it still lingers in the back of my mind and I doubt it will even go away! I have also been thinking that I need to help other people, especially young people which is why I have joined university in hopes to have a role in the welfare of young adults who in this day and age, need it! I am half way through my first year and even though it is challenging, I can see it becoming very rewarding in the future! So there we have it, short and sweet, abrupt ending, my first post!

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